English Club

English Club

Learn English with the British Council!


  • By the British Council
  • Nice addition to English-language study
  • Special kids and business section


  • No scrolling
  • Requires extra downloads
  • Style not to everyone's taste

Very good

English Club is a simple app to complement your English language study.

If you're learning English - or know someone who is - you'll know that every study opportunity is welcome. Although English Club isn't a replacement for formal lessons or study, it is a nice addition that learners of all levels can benefit from. As the name suggests, English Club is an app for browsing - it's a combination of videos explaining words and phrases, and little quizzes and puzzles designed to test your knowledge.

English Club is a trial app - you get level one free of charge, but must pay for subsequent levels. Also, bear in mind that even though they're free, you'll still have to download most of the content separately from the app itself. There are about 25 videos in level one, which gives you about 75 very short videos to start with.

Unfortunately, we found English Club a little hard to navigate - links are hard to identify, which makes for a lot of clicking around. Mouse scrolling also only works in certain areas, and it's not clear what areas these are! The videos also won't be to everyone's taste - they're very short, with a strange retro animation style, staccato dialog and a poor representation of global English accents.

Despite its shortcomings, however, English Club is a worthwhile - and reputable - download for English learners.

English Club


English Club

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